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Art This Week-CentralTrak
Next Topic: Photography and Materiality

Part 1: Discussion

Part 2: Discussion Continued

Next Topic: “Photography and Materiality a panel discussion with Marilyn Waligore, Mona Kasra, Emily Loving and Danielle Avram Morgan
Filmed April 3, 2014 at CentralTrak
Digital technology has forever changed how we view photography, as a process, and photographs, as the result of that activity. In fact, we may question whether the term “photography” has become obsolete. But what term will replace it? In what category does photography belong?
This panel discussed the exhibition Photography & Materiality, an overview of contemporary investigations by emerging artists who create “photography about photography”.
(from the CentralTrak website)

Show Notes:
800 Exposition Avenue
Dallas, TX 75226

And thanks to CentralTrak for letting us film in the gallery!

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