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ATW Links for the week of May 4-10, 2014

Looking for something to read? Wondering what the latest art news is? Want to procrastinate? The ATW team is always searching for interesting art events, important art news and fun art stuff online. Here are a few of our favorite links we found this week:

KC – This exhibition features work by Eddie Perrote, Leanna Perry and Bill Rebholz.

Linda – I first saw these pieces by artists Miljohn Ruperto and Ulrik Heltoft at the Dallas Art Fair a few weeks back. This week I have been looking at more from the same series. Enjoy!

Liz – This site is usually at the top of my weekly list, but this particular show “Loveless” is pretty incredible.

Richard – The next Doctor explaining surrealism! Or this link: Warhol Amiga Art Found!

Jessica – Looking for something to do with your little one?  With the Kimbell’s addition of the Renzo Piano Pavilion came a new studio space for art making activities.  Bring your child (12 and under) by for this free, drop-in art making session called Helmets for Heroes, but come by early because space is limited.

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