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The best way to find out when we post videos, right now, is to:
follow us on twitter: @artthisweek or friend us on facebook:

We update these feeds when we post new videos to our website.
For all correspondence, please contact us at:

If you run a gallery or museum and would like to let us know your upcoming events, send all newsletters and no-response emails to:

For now, we do not post events in our calendar for any for-profit galleries. This is to be fair to all the galleries.
Exceptions might include:
-If a for-profit gallery is working with a non-profit organization for an event.
-When several for-profit galleries are having openings all on the same night.

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  1. Hi – this is such a great site! I was researching Gabriel Dawe online before his Art Talk tonight at the Dallas Contemporary and found you guys. This is so helpful for Dallas and Texas artists. Are you guys on Twitter? Also, how do I get on your e-mailing list for the new episodes to be sent directly to my inbox?

    Julia Forsyth

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