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Tête-à-Tête-VODOU: Jeff Gibbons presents Bruce Lee Webb & Kimberly Alexander in Conversation

Part 1-Discussion, Part 1

Part 2-Discussion, Part 2

Jeff Gibbons, Bruce Lee Webb and Kimberly Alexander
Filmed Thursday, March 20, 2014
On Thursday, March 20th CentralTrak artist-in-residence Jeff Gibbon’s introduced a conversation between Bruce Lee Webb and Kimberly Alexander, two creatives who have a common interest in the practice of Vodou. The spiritual practice of Vodou and the art practice can both imbue objects with great power and meaning. Special guest Bruce Webb has studied occult practices and their relationship to fraternal orders’ ritual, performance and visual art. He has co-authored a book on the subject to be released by University of Texas Press in 2015.

Show Notes:
800 Exhibition Avenue
Dallas, TX 75266

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