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ATW links for the week of August 24 – 31


KC – In light of the recent selfie explosion, Ted Lawson has really challenged modern views of self, narcissism, the gesture and popular culture with his “Ghost in the Machine.

Linda – More than 75% of artists participating in the São Paulo Biennial signed this open letter appealing to the Biennial Foundation to boycott support from the Israeli government in protest of Operation Protective Edge among other recent events. Also this.

Logan – Art and fashion have always gone hand-in-hand, as has art and religion, but what about all three together? If you love Matisse, you should read this articleand others from the Tate’s blog surrounding their current exhibition:Henri Matisse: The Cutouts.

Richard – Leonard Bernstein’s call to support the arts (1943). New information on Stonehenge.


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