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Art This Week-Sightings: Bettina Pousttchi

At The Nasher Sculpture Center
Sightings: Bettina Pousttchi
Bettina Pousttchi Interview
Episode 211-July 2, 2014

This week, we visit The Nasher Sculpture Center and speak with Bettina Pousttchi about her work in the exhibition, Sightings: Bettina Pousttchi. The exhibition has been extended through August 17, 2014.

Show Notes:
Nasher Sculpture Center
2001 Flora Street
Dallas, TX 75201
And thanks to Valley House Gallery and Sculpture Garden for letting us film in the garden!
Updated January 9, 2016-In a previous version of this post the word Sightings was incorrectly spelled.

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