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Voices on Art-Exhibition Walkthrough-The Anatomy of Disquiet: Selections from the Karpidas Collection-The Karpidas Collection

On November 1, 2017, for our series Voices on Art, Art This Week Productions filmed this walkthrough by exhibition curator, Brandon Kennedy, and Ronald Schenk, PhD. for the exhibition, The Anatomy of Disquiet: Selections from the Karpidas Collection.

This event was presented by the Dallas Art Fair and the Karpidas Collection. Brandon Kennedy is the Director of Exhibitions Relations at the Dallas Art Fair as well as an artist, curator, and writer. Dr. Ronald Schenk is a Jungian analyst who practices and teaches in Dallas and Houston. He is currently president of the Council of North American Societies of Jungian Analysis and author of The Soul of Beauty, Dark Light, The Sunken Quest, and American Soul.

Thanks to Brandon and Dr. Schenk for allowing us to film the talk. Thanks also to the Karpidas Collection for allowing us to film in the collection.

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