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The ATW Feed 30-Recommendations, Nasher Curator Catherine Craft Interview, and fireworks with Pierre-Alain Hubert-September 26, 2012

This week, Sally visits the Nasher and speaks with Adjunct Assistant curator Catherine Craft about Fountainhead, the book produced by The Art Foundation. We also get to see the work of Pyrotechnician/artist Pierre-Aiain Hubert. Plus 2 big museum openings!
Nasher’s Catherine Craft Interview about The Art Foundation’s Fountainhead book.

You can find more information on the pyrotechnician/artist Pierre Alain Hubert at his website. Also look up his name on Youtube for examples of his work.

Two big museum openings…
The Kimbell opens The Kimbell at 40: An Evolving Masterpiece. The Kimbell is taking the time to celebrate their birthday with an exhibition displaying an overview of their collection. It focuses more on the history of their collection, including information on the time periods and directors that acquired the pieces. It contains many works not seen in years. It’s open through December 30, 2012
The Amon Carter opens To See as Artists See: American Art from The Phillips Collection. The exhibition contains masterpieces from the The Phillips Collection. It’s an important exhibition that compliments the Amon Carter’s own collection of American Art. It’s open through January 6, 2013.

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