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The ATW Feed 29-Recommendations, Paul Soileau Interview, and Frank Dufour and Thomas Riccio Interview-September 26, 2012

This week, Rosana brings you the recommendations. Sally speaks with Thomas Riccio and Frank Dufour about their upcoming installation at Centaltrak, and Centraltrak head, Hyde Fontenot speaks with former centraltrak resident, Paul Soileau about his upcoming performance as Christeene at the Double Wide.

This weekend, Centraltrak opens, Not So Indifferent, an exhibition with digital media and site specific design, by artists, Frank Dufour and Thomas Riccio. We spoke with both artists about the upcoming exhibition. This is a short excerpt from a longer interview. Watch for the full version next week. The exhibition is on view through November 3, 2012.
Thomas Riccio
Frank Dufour
Also check out Acoustic Shadows-A website about the work of Frank and Kristin Lee Dufour
Centraltrak-800 Exposition Ave. Dallas, TX 75226
In our second interview, Hyde Fontenot speaks with former Centraltrak resident, Paul Soileau, about his upcoming performance as Christeene at the Double Wide. The Double Wide is located at 3510 Commerce, Dallas, Texas. Thanks to both Hyde and Paul.
Update!: Here is a link to a fuller version of Hyde and Paul’s talk. Click Here.

This weekend, The Nasher Sculpture Center opens two exhibitions: Rediscoveries: Modes of Making in Modern Sculpture and Sculpture in So Many Words: Text Pieces 1960-1980. The exhibitions are open through January 13, 2012.

This weekend, the Dallas Video Festival celebrates it’s 25 anniversary with LOTS of film and art screenings. Too many to name here, make sure to check out their website for a full schedule.

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