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The ATW Feed 21-Circuit12 Contemporary and Red Arrow Contemporary Interviews-August 9, 2012

This week, we visit two new galleries on Dragon Street. First, we speak with Gina and Dustin Orlando about their gallery, Circuit12 Contemporary, and their upcoming exhibitions. Next, we speak with Elissa and Erin Stafford about Red Arrow Contemporary and their upcoming exhibitions.

Show Notes:
Circuit12 Contemporary
1130 Dragon St. Suite 150
Dallas Texas 75207
Their current show, Curse of the Coulee, featuring the work of Sofia Arnold, is on view through September 3, 2012.

Red Arrow Contemporary
1130 Dragon Street, Suite 110
Dallas Texas 75207
Their current show, Side Show featuring the work of George Zupp, Clay McClure and Bill Amundson, is on view now.

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