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Tete a Tete-CentralTrak/Art This Week-Celia Eberle in Conversation with Cris Worley-December 12, 2013

Filmed November 2, 2013 at CentralTrak
Tete A TeteCelia Eberle in conversation with Cris Worley
In these videos, Cris Worley interviews the artist Celia Eberle, a local Texas artist, about her recent work and her work currently on display in the CentralTrak gallery as part of the “Sadie Hawkins” group exhibition. This exhibition was curated by Leigh Arnold and is on view through December 14, 2013.
Part 1-Conversation

Part 2-Questions

Thank you to CentralTrak, Celia Eberle and Cris Worley for letting us film this talk.
Thanks to Sylvia Hougland for her generous support of CentralTrak’s artist talks.

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