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Ro2 Art Downtown Gallery-Shannon Novak Acoustic Synergy, Parts 1 and 2-Filmed July 5, 2012

Show Notes:
Filmed on July 5, 2012 at Ro2 Art Downtown.
This video documents the performances in response to the work of Shannon Novak in the exhibition, Acoustic Synergy, at Ro2 Art Downtown.
In part 1, Amanda Preston reads the poem “Metatron” by Alleen Nichols, Sean Sutherlin reads his poem Parallax, and James Ryland discusses the mathematical forms, the metatron, grid cells and fractals.
In part 2, Amanda Preston reads several of her poems written in response to the work of Shannon Novak.
Although the exhibition is now closed, you can find more information by clicking the links below.
Shannon Novak
Ro2 Art Downtown

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