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CentralTrak-Next Topic: “That Mortal Coil: Rebuking the Ideal in Contemporary Figurative Art” Panel Discussion-June 27, 2013

Filmed May 30, 2013 at CentralTrak, Dallas
NEXT TOPIC‘ is a bi-weekly lecture series at CentralTrak Artists Residency and Gallery that aims to foster critical discussions on contemporary art issues among Dallas artists, thinkers, critics, educators, theorist, and shapers across DFW area.
In these videos, moderator Charissa Terranova discusses the exhibition “That Mortal Coil: Rebuking the Ideal in Contemporary Figurative Art” with curator, Heyd Fontenot, and the artist Brian K. Jones. Charissa also interviews the artist, R.E. Cox (in the hospital at the time of this panel) about his work in the exhibition. Also, a part of this panel is the artist Daniel Kusner, whose work appears in the exhibition, 214 TRANS4M – FOTOS BY DANIEL KUSNER + BRYAN AMANN.
Part 1: For Mona Kasra’s introduction to the panel click here.
Part 2a: Discussion, Part 1

Part 2b: Discussion, Part 2

Part 3: Questions

For more information on Centraltrak and their events, check out their facebook page.
A special thanks to Heyd Fontenot, Mona Kasra, Charissa Terranova, R.E. Cox, Daniel Kusner, Brian K. Jones and Brian Scott for their help.

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