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Centraltrak: Next Topic-Brittany Ransom-Artist Talk

Filmed November 29, 2012 at Centraltrak
In these videos, Brittany Ransom discusses her work. For more information on her, check out her website,
Part 1: To view Mona Kasra’s introduction for Brittany, click here.
Part 2a: Brittany’s slide presentation, part 1

Part 2b: Brittany’s slide presentation, part 2

Part 3: Discussion

For more information on Centraltrak and their events, check out their facebook page.
Centraltrak, UT Dallas’ artists residency in Deep Ellum, is launching a bi-weekly artist talk series, titled Next Topic. Each session will feature an artist and culminate with in-depth discussions between artists, art enthusiasts, and art students and educators from across the Metroplex.

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