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ATW Links for the week of July 6-12, 2014


Looking for something to read? Wondering what the latest art news is? The ATW team is always searching for interesting art events, important art news and fun art stuff online. Here are a few of our favorite links we found this week:

KC – Art in America interviews Israeli-born artist Izhar Patkin about his survey, “The Wandering Veil,” which is currently on view at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. “The Wandering Veil” tackles poetic interpretation, multiculturalism, representation and unresolved issues with the use of pleated canvases of tulle netting printed with haunting images. 

Linda – You might not know the name Quentin Blake, but you have almost certainly seen his work. He was the illustrator for all of Roald Dahl’s children’s stories and his illustrations are finally getting their own museum show.  I couldn’t hep but smile remembering how my brother and I would stay up past bedtime to read those stories by flashlight.

Logan – I am always intrigued by functional art, and art that changes our everyday landscape. I don’t necessarily think it’s pretty, but it definitely makes you look twice and want to go inside. It was built near a school, so is meant to “encourage students to think differently”. Click here to see images.

Richard – An older link, but interesting background on Abstract Expressionism


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