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ATW links for the week of July 27-August 2


Looking for something to read? Wondering what the latest art news is? The ATW team is always searching for interesting art events, important art news and fun art stuff online. Here are a few of our favorite links we found this week:
Linda – I am really interested in seeing the work of the art collective, Slavs and Tatars,  which is currently  on view at the DMA.  Here is a quick overview to get you interested. If you’re anything like me, this will send you down a rabbit hole of internet research from which you will emerge even more excited to see the exhibit than before. Enjoy!
Logan – Sometimes it’s what is in our own backyard that is the most interesting. This photography collection that has recently been given to the University of North Texas’ special collections “documents history and the evolution of photography.” 
Richard- Story about art and food! Toulouse-Lautrec’s cookbook. Also explains differences between late 19th century eating habits and our own.

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