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Art This Week-The Amon Carter-Hidden in Plain Site-Sedrick Huckaby Art Talk-August 22, 2013

Filmed August 3, 2013 at The Amon Carter Museum of American Art
We visited the Amon Carter Museum of American Art to hear the artist, Sedrick Huckaby, speak about his work, Hidden in Plain Site, on view at the museum. The exhibition of the work has been extended through February 2, 2014. In addition to his talk, Sedrick invited his friend and musician, Dewayne Washington, to speak about the similarities between Hidden in Plain Site and music.
Part 1-Introduction by Amon Carter Director, Andrew J. Walker, Ph. D

Part 2-Sedrick Huckaby Talk

Part 3-Performance by musician, Dewayne Washington

Part 4-Questions

We want to thank The Amon Carter and Sedrick Huckaby for allowing us to film the Art Talk.
We would also like to thank Valley House Gallery and Sculpture Garden.

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