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Marty Walker Gallery
William Lamson: Automatic
Episode 22, November 3, 2009

Art This Week-Marty Walker Gallery-William Lamson-Automatic-November 3, 2009-Ep. 22 from Richard Serrano on Vimeo.

This week we visit Marty Walker Gallery to see their latest exhibition, William Lamson Automatic. And the News!
Marty Walker Gallery
William Lamson

Show notes:

Nancy Spero dies at 83.
NYT article.
Her Art:21 segment.

Richard Rogers wins Stirling Prize for Maggie’s Center.
Richard Rogers.
RIBA Awards.
Guardian article.

David Hockney uses iPhone app to create images.
New York Review of Books
Image. Image.

Barnes Foundation moving?
Barnes Foundation
LA Times article. NYT article. Philadelphia Inquirer article.
Venturi letter.
Image. Image.

Shepard Fairey admits to using AP image of Obama.
NY Times article.

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