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PanAmerican Art Projects
Midsummer Night’s Dream
Episode 12, July 31, 2009

Art This Week-July 31, 2009-PanAmerican ArtProjects-Midsummer Night’s Dream-Ep. 12 from Richard Serrano on Vimeo.

Show Notes:

This week we are at PanAmerican ArtProjects where their latest exhibition is titled, Midsummer Night’s Dream. The exhibition is up through August 15, 2009.


Otto Heino, ceramicist, dies at 94. NYT article.
Otto Heino’s website.
Images from here. And here.

The Art NewspaperAttendance is up at historic homes and artists’ homes/studios.
Daniel Chester French Home
Jackson Pollock Home
Frederick Edwin Church Home
Images from here. And here. And here. And here. And here.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis-Brown house for sale, $15 million.
NPR Audio story.
Images from here. And here. And here.

Times OnlineArticle-Good News! exhibition at Orel Art Gallery, partly a fake exhibition. Jake and Dinos Chapman, pseudonyms Yuri and Konstantine Shamonov.
Images from here.

Thanks to our interviewees at:
Craighead-Green Gallery
Vikki Hutto
PanAmerican ArtProjects
Connie Tatum
Brent and Mary Jo Combs

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