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Art This Week-In Studio with Frances Bagley
Frances Bagley studio talk, Episode 156, December 5, 2012

In this episode, Frances Bagley walks us through her studio. She discusses two in progress works and her work Oklahoma (2008). This studio visit with Frances was made possible through a collaboration with The MAC PAC, The MAC Professionals + Artists Collective. For more information on the organization and their upcoming events, check The MAC’s website.
Show Notes:
On Saturday, November 17th, The MAC PAC visited the studios of Frances Bagley and Tom Orr. Each artist walked the group through their studio to discuss their art and their in-studio processes and materials. In this second episode filmed that day, Francis talks about a major installation project made of hundreds (thousands?) of lists she has saved over the years. She also tells us a secret about her work, Oklahoma, that she has never revealed before!
We want to thank The McKinney Avenue Contemporary and The MAC PAC for putting this together and allowing us to film these studio talks.
We also want to thank Valley House Gallery and Sculpture Garden for letting us film in the garden.
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