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Art This Week-Fixing Shadows: Contemporary Peruvian Photography, 1968–2015-Panel Discussion-Blanton Museum of Art

On May 19, 2016, Art This Week filmed the Fixing Shadows panel discussion at the Blanton Museum of Art. Curator Beverly Adams moderated “a discussion among three artists featured in Fixing Shadows: Luz María Bedoya (Lima), Fernando Castro (Houston), and Pablo Hare (Lima). The artists will reflect on the lasting influence of Lima’s groundbreaking Secuencia Photo-Galería (1976–79), their experiences as photographers in Lima during Peru’s internal conflict in the 1980s and 1990s, and their ongoing work in photography and interdisciplinary art today.” (From the Blanton website) The panel was held in conjunction with the exhibition, Fixing Shadows: Contemporary Peruvian Photography, 1968–2015 on view April 23, 2016 – July 3, 2016. Funding for the Panel provided by the Barbara Duncan Centennial Endowed Lectureship.

Introduction (audio only)

In this introduction (audio only), Adam Bennett, Manager of Public Programs, opens the panel by introducing the three artists, Fernando Castro, Luz Maria Bedoya, Pable Hare and moderator, Beverly Adams, Curator of Latin American Art at the Blanton.

Part 1-Fernando Castro

In Part 1 of the Fixing Shadows panel, Fernando Castro talks about Peru in the 1970s, his own work, his time with Secuencia Photo-Galería, and his writings for Lima journals.

Part 2-Luz María Bedoya

In Part 2 of the Fixing Shadows panel, artist Luz María Bedoya, discusses the history of Peru in the 1990s, including the political climate, effects of the violence and political struggles, and photography during these years. She also discusses her education and her own work, including photographs from the series, Punto Ciego [Blind Spot] (1997) on view in the Fixing Shadows exhibition. “Luz María Bedoya’s quiet contemplative series Punto ciego [Blind Spot](1997) captures glimpses of a desert landscape along Peru’s Pan-American Highway, intentionally countering expectations of more spectacular scenery typically associated with the Peruvian Andes.” (from the Blanton website)

Part 3-Pablo Hare

In Part 3 of the Fixing Shadows panel, artist Pablo Hare discusses the lack of government support for artists over the last few decades in Perú. He talks about his own efforts to bring artists together and show their work in two different spaces in Lima, the first he co-founded, Espacio La Culpable (2002-2008) and the second he is currently co-director and chief editor for, Garúa. In addition, he discusses his own work from the Monumentos [Monuments] (2005-2012) series on view in the Fixing Shadows exhibition. “Pablo Hare’s series, Monumentos [Monuments] (2005–2012) investigates the relationships among public space and both national and personal identity, inviting viewers to experience some of Perú’s lesser-known and more idiosyncratic monuments.” (from the Blanton website)

Part 4-Questions

In Part 4 of the Fixing Shadows panel, the audience asks questions, with topics ranging from changes from analog to digital photography, to teaching and education, to what the future holds for art in Peru.
A very big thank you to the Blanton for allowing Art This Week Productions to film this panel. This post was updated to include a few links and formatting changes.

Blanton Museum of Art
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Austin, TX 78701

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