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Art This Week-CentralTrak
Next Topic: A Far Thing Coming Closer

CentralTrak presents Next Topic: A Far Thing Coming Closer. Filmmakers Richard Bailey, Paul Bryan, Colette Copeland, and Michael A. Morris screen four short films and have a discussion about the work. The panel was moderated by Shilyh Warren.
Filmed December 4, 2014 at CentralTrak
Part 1: Introduction by Richard Bailey

Links to the Films
Michael A. Morris-FIRES
Paul Bryan-3 DAYS IN LIMBO
Colette Copeland-BELIEVE IT ANYWAY!
Part 2: Discussion

Part 3: Questions

Next Topic: A Far Thing Coming CloserThe films presented make up a survey of post-Christian America: a culture highly suspicious of ideas like virgin births and parting waters, yet still thirsty for a consoling message of meaning and personal redemption. The phrase “A far thing coming closer” references a vague, judgment day event in folk preaching. It implies waiting in awe for something significant to be revealed.

Show Notes:
800 Exposition Avenue
Dallas, TX 75226

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