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Art This Week Bios: Conduit Gallery
Episode 2-September 19, 2014

Art This Week Bios: Conduit Gallery
Robert Barsamian Interview

Episode 2-September 19, 2014

Our first series of interviews for Art This Week Bios explores the history of Conduit Gallery. Our second episode features the artist Robert Barsamian. Robert moved to Dallas from New York in the mid-1980s and he has shown with Conduit Gallery since then. He has a great perspective on the similarities between the New York art scene and Deep Ellum during this time. Along with many other artists and musicians (and Nancy) he was there working to develop Deep Ellum during one of its most important artistic eras. In our interview, he discusses this time, why he moved, his relationship with Nancy, and an important exhibition he had in April 1990 at the Elm Street Conduit Gallery space. Titled “Pages From My Diary”, the exhibition explored his Armenian heritage. There is an article here that talks about his work. It has some great images of the installation (and some images of the interior of the Elm Street Conduit Gallery location).
My beautiful picture
The image of the installation provided to us by Robert.

This is part of a series of interviews we filmed with those involved with the gallery over its first thirty years. We will post more of these interviews over the next few weeks, so keep watching!

Show Notes:
To watch the full interview we filmed with Robert on his history with Conduit Gallery, click here!
Conduit Gallery
1626 Hi Line Drive
Dallas, TX 75207

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